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FISH FARM DIRECT is an online shop where you buy fish directly from the farm all our fish both tropical and goldfish have been produced by us on our own fully licensed aquarium fish farm in QLD Australia.


Are you worried about live delivery? We will let our track record speak for itself when it comes to peace of mind in live delivery of fish.

Our wholesale business has bred, packed and shipped over 12 million aquarium fish over  a 25 year period, so rest assured your fish from us will arrive live, happy and vibrant ready for you to enjoy.


Most breeds and colours of the fish we produce have been selectively bred and improved over decades to give you the healthiest, best fish.


Nathan the owner started breeding and selling fish from 10 years old and has 30 years experience in fish breeding and keeping and close to 25 years in commercial fish production.


No fish we sell have been removed from the wild so rest assured the fish you purchase from us have come from a sustainable source.


We look forward to the future in this industry now and give you the opportunity as the public to interact with us online and give you a reliable product at very competitive prices!

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